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Professor Paul | Biological Science EduTainer, BRIONES MILC-LESSON IN THE LYRIC

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ProfPaul aka Terlingua Kid

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Mojo Permian--"Friday Night Lights" Where all this creativity was first implemented!

At Odessa Permian, I had such a wonderful time teaching!!!  It is a school that continues to live in my heart!!!  From 1985 to 1995, there was just a Great Spirit of Excellence and Team work throughout the entire school building.  During this time period, we did not only win State three times in Football, once the National Ranking but also in other Sports like Gymnastics and other activities like Band and UIL Activities in Math and Science!  You named the activity and Permian excelled at the time!  As I mentioned earlier, it was in 1987, that the Permian Botanical Garden was conceptualized and in 1988 that it was initiated. In 1989, the garden trails were completed and first opened to the general public.  Since 1990, the Botanical Garden at Permian High School has won several State and National Awards! The Botanical Garden at Permian High School  is a certified National Wildlife Federation schoolyard habitat.  I feel deeply privileged and honored to have been one of the five teachers that developed and created the "Permian High School Botanical Garden"!

Birth of A New Multiple Inputs Learning Concept (BRIONES MILC)

In the fall of 1988 while teaching at MOJO, after teaching high school biology for ten years, I embarked on the journey to complete my graduate work and along with this, to find a way to use my intuitive teaching approach utilizing original music to teach biological concepts. I was under pressure to produce success in the classroom!  This inspired me to experiment with music and lesson delivery BRIONES MILC (Multiple Inputs Learning Concept) on such topics as the Kreb’s Cycle, for which I created a song called “Thirty Eight ATPS”.

After presenting the lesson and song, the following Wednesday, 80% of my  students did better on this test than on any previous tests. Students told me they found it easier to remember the lyrics to the song…and consequently, the lesson. I realized from this example and countless others, that phenomenal results could be achieved with the use of music in lesson delivery. After discussions with Professor of Science Education, John E. Hurn, Ph., at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, and visiting Robert Yager, Ph. D., at the University of Iowa, I was even more intrigued by the research which concluded that all students learn through three inputs - auditory, kinesthetic, and visual.

I received my Master’s Degree in Life Science and for the next 30 years, I  implemented my unique learning concept through the teaching of Biology, Chemistry and Physics across many school districts in Texas, with improved science test scores recorded at every school I taught. I imagined spreading the word about the effectiveness o
f teaching utilizing multiple inputs, specifically music. This led to the implementation of my unique teaching strategy called BRIONES MILC and Virtual Science University.

In 1992, I implemented as a first "El Corrido to the Parts of the Cell" written at a hotel room in Houston, Texas, away from all teachers, administrators, and students.  I toiled with the idea of presenting this song to the class.  As mentioned earlier, I had learned from the research at the University of Iowa there was a a higher retention of understanding difficult scientific concepts using music.  This is where the motivation came to present "El Corrido To The Parts Of The Cell" to my ESL Biology Class at Odessa Permian.  To learn more about this song, visit Virtual Science University Lecture #6.  In 1996, I was playing professionally Tejano Music.  In my sleep, I created Cumbia and Reggeton Beats!  It was then, that at home, I created a powerful Cumbia Dance Beat mixed with a pop music sound of the day to create a song on "Osmosis." To hear the track and the song on Osmosis, go to   and watch Lesson 7 on "Osmosis and Cell Permiability."  Go to the side links and hit "Chi-Qui-Rikki-Rom-Bom-Bom, the Molecules Dance Across the Cell Membrane". 

At Permian, there was MOJO MAGIC in the air at every turn.  It was an adventure going to teach every day and one of the most productive times of my teaching career!!! It seemed like everything I did turned to GOLD!!!