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Professor Paul | Biological Science EduTainer, BRIONES MILC-LESSON IN THE LYRIC

   Briones MILC


    TK-Lesson In The Lyric




           Paul GTO Briones 

                  M.S. B.S.

      Aka “Professor” Paul O. Briones-VSU

Pre-AP Biology/Anatomy & Physiology/7th Grade Science

          Online Instructor

                   at ECISD          

     Host/Co-Creator Virtual Science University

             4763 Hamilton Wolfe Road

               San Antonio, Texas 78229


                 2016 TEKS Resource Conference Presenter

             Wednesday-June 15th-8:30AM-9:45AM

        Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

                        San Antonio, Texas


We’re The Texas Science Teachers And We’ve Got Our TEKS On --- 2016 TEKS Resource System Conference


  • Yea we’re back standing strong
  • We’re the number one group right where we belong
  • On top, we refuse to be stopped
  • It’s the Texas Science Teachers putting the TEKS on the map
  • Come on step, come one, come all
  • For seventy-five minutes we can have a ball
  • Some of us are small and some not that tall
  • But we’re pretty good when it comes to Science teaching
  • In addition, we have a great tradition
  • You want to attend  the TRSC, you need permission
  • Come equipped an d you better get a grip
  • Cause we talk with our brains and not with our lips
  • We’re The Texas Science Teachers, and We’ve Got Our TEKS On The Board-4X


  • Copyright 2016--- Briones MILC- Flying MidiEagle1 Productions-All Rights Reserved
  • Music and Lyrics written by Paul O. Briones

Structure of DNA---- Lab---- Biology----BRIONES MILC-----Prof Paul GTO Briones


Texas TEK B.6(C )  Explain the purpose and process of transcription and translation

Also covers TEKS  B.6 (A),  B.6 (E) and Process TEK 2(G)




Five Sheets of White Paper

Six Sheets of Colored Paper

A Pair of Scissors

Glue Bottle or Glue Stick

Colored Markers



  1. Tape or glue each white paper top to bottom, where the bottom of page one is glued or taped to the top of page two, going all the way down to page 5.
  2. Starting with TAC begin and using  Verse II of the song, “Together They Make DNA,” determine how many Ts, As, Cs, and Gs are listed in the song. 
  3. Determine what color you are going to assign to T-Thymine, A-Adenine, G-Guanine, and C-Cytosine. 
  4. Using the triplets listed on the lyric, lay out the left side of  your DNA Strand.
  5. After laying out the left side of the DNA Strand, add the complementary strand where A pairs up with T, G with C, T with A, and C with G.
  6. Now cut out the nitrogen bases using your colored paper where each nitrogen base is 1 inch wide by three inches long.
  7. Glue the cut out nitrogen bases according to the sequence determined from using steps 2-5.
  8. Label the triplet codons and the corresponding amino acids.
  9. If you followed completely the directions, you should now have 48 nitrogen bases on the left side and 48 on the right side.
  10. Now create the Messenger RNA from the DNA Template.
  11. Create the corresponding Anti-Codons that go with the Transfer RNA.


Copyright 2016---Briones MILC Publications---All Rights Reserved



Please paste the following link to play the version of DNA posted below:

Together, They Make (DNA) & (Protein)---The Protein Synthesis Song-(Note to Teacher: This “Lesson In Lyric” can be used with Virtual Science University’s Lectures 12 & 13. Also notice that the DNA triplets sung in the second verse are the corresponding DNA triplets of the Messenger RNA triplets coding for the specific amino acids being sung.  (Notice the first CGG triplet sung is alanine instead of proline, which is the amino acid sung.  Please forgive me for this mistake.)


Adenine, Purine, Sugar, Phosphate               Verse I

Thymine, Pyrimidine, Sugar, Phosphate

Guanine, Purine, Sugar, Phosphate

Cytosine, Pyrimidine, Sugar, Phosphate


Together they make DNA, Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Together they make DNA, the Blue Print Map the Code of Life---Chorus-1


With the TAC Begin       Verse II

TAG, Isoleucine

CGG, Proline (Alanine)

AGT, Serine

ACA, Cysteine

CCT, Glycine

GTT, Glutamine

CTT, Glutamatic Acid

CTA, Aspartic Acid

CGG, Alanine

TTA, Asparagine

CGG, Alanine

ATA, Tyrosine

TGG, Threonine

ACC, Tryptophan

ACT, Stop the Plan


Together, they make Protein, the building blocks of Animal Tissue

Together, they make Protein, the Blue Print Map the Code of Life---2nd Chorus-2


 Repeat Verse I

It’s the A with T And the C with the G     Rap Verse I       

Nitrogen Bases Not Alpha Bet Soup

The Make Up of all Genetic Traces!

Repeat Chorus---1

It’s the A with T And the C with the G   Rap Verse I       

Nitrogen Bases Not Alpha Bet Soup

Help us keep up with the Genetic Traces!     


Aligning of all Nitrogen Bases   Rap Verse II

The Blue eyes and Black hair of every body else

And its intimate stare


It is adenine and ribose, sugar and phosphate    Rap Verse III

Attached to a thymine the corresponding base

The nucleotides make form

Likewise with guanine and cytosine

They Make up thousands of stair steps

Called rungs of the Double Helix Thing

Repeat Verse II

Repeat Chorus II-Twice


Bust It Break It, With DNA-4X      TAG

You got to BUST IT!

Repeat Verse I

Repeat Chorus I

Rap Verse I is rapped after Verse I of the song is repeated a Second Time

All of the Rap Lyrics are rapped after chorus-1 is sung a Second Time

TAG is sung after the Second Chorus is sung a Second Time

Find the song at the following link and buy and download the song:

Copyright 2009 & 2012 Carrasco Media Group In Association with Briones-MILC--Terlingua Kid Productions

Music and Lyrics written by Paul GTO Briones---All Rights Reserved

All Music performed by Paul GTO Briones


Photo Courtesy of the following link at Georgia State University



Gardner, Howard Ph. D.  (1991), The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think And How Schools Should Teach,

Professor of Psychology: Director of Project Zero, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.


The Genetic Code:


MOJO Permian High School Botanical Garden

Recycling Center


Odessa, Texas


Protein Synthesis-Lecture 13

Virtual Science University

Carrasco Media Group

Host: “Professor” Paul O. Briones


Recycle, Reduce, Reuse-Lecture 2

Virtual Science University

Carrasco Media Group

Host: “Professor” Paul O. Briones


Yager, Robert Ph. D. (1991), Basic Science Education Program, The University of Iowa, N259 Lindquist Center,

Iowa City, Iowa 52242


What Other Ph. D.’s Are Saying About Paul GTO Briones


Paul GTO Briones, Host/Co-Creator of Virtual Science University, has been innovative for the last thirty-eight years. Here is what Ph. D.s and studnets are saying about Paul GTO Briones.


June 25, 2012: "Dear Paul, I have seen various efforts to monitor intelligences and I think that yours is among the best." Howard Gardner Ph. D. Professor of Psychology: Director of Project Zero, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education


June 15, 2012: "Dear Paul, I had no idea you were a rapper!! The enthusiasm while discussing Photosynthesis in your Virtual Science University DVD is very contagious! You are a pioneer in this attempt." Edwin B. Kurtz Ph. D. Retired Professor of Biology: California Institute of Technology, Emporia State University, University of Arizona, University of Texas of the Permian Basin


September 30, 1997: "Paul, the work you are doing with music in the classroom is remarkable and on the cutting edge of education." John E. Hurn Ph. D. Retired Professor of Science Education: Duke University, University of Iowa, University of Texas of the Permian Basin


Here’s what a youngster from South Africa said: June 10, 2016

Dankie vir jou nie besluit word ontmagtig ? " Dankie vir opgestaan met jou liedjie " Taai Dit " en 'n man van geloof , want nie omgee wat tradisionele onderwysers dink jy oor om jou sonbril en om jou bofbalpet agteruit ! as gevolg hiervan , het ek besluit om 'n mediese dokter te word .

Here’s the translation:

Thank you for you not deciding to be disempowered?" Thank you for standing up with your song "Tough It" and being a man of Faith! For not caring what traditional teachers think about you putting your sunglasses on and putting your baseball cap backwards but caring about young people learning! As a result, I've decided to become a medical doctor!

V. R.