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Professor Paul | Biological Science EduTainer, BRIONES MILC-LESSON IN THE LYRIC

Take control of your science education using a successful learning strategy called BRIONES MILC with Professor Paul 24-7. Join Paul O. Briones as he cuts through sometimes confusing scientific concepts. He will help you learn them in an easy fun way with always a positive commentary at the end. Professor Paul is now available for Science Tutoring at home or local libraries and for Teaching Online via email. Complete Biology Lessons are availble by contacting Professor Paul at for a reasonable rate.


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In December of 2006, Paul GTO Briones became an Advisory Board Attendee of PRISE at Texas A & M University. PRISE is Policy Research Initiatives In Science Education at Texas A & M.  The PRISE Research Group is funded by a National Science Foundation Grant.  After observing and studying the findings of this research group, Paul made a decision to help students who were missing out of excellent biology instruction since great biology teachers were leaving the profession within a five year period!

 In late May of 2008, "Professor" Paul GTO Briones made a call to his childhood friend Arnulfo Tarin Carrasco MD.  The end result of that call created and developed Virtual Science University.

Virtual Science University is an implementation of the Briones Multiple Inputs Learning Concept (MILC) developed by Paul GTO Briones in August of 1988 at the beginning of the 1988-1989 academic year while doing his lessons at home and teaching at MOJO Permian. This is also the year of the book-movie "Friday Night Lights!" Paul had two of those athletes who were featured in the movie in his classes at MOJO.  During the implementation of MILC into Virtual Science University, (August 17, 2008), Paul O. Briones was given the stage name of "Professor Paul 24-7" by Executive Producer Arnulfo Tarin Carrasco MD.  It is a stage name only to fit the format of Virtual Science University!
In the 1988 to January 1995 academic school years, Paul from his North Odessa home would compose songs and rhythm jam patterns after arriving from school, and then record them on a Tascam Four Track Recorder. The following Friday he would take the mastered cassette of the tracks back to MOJO-Odessa Permian, and use them with his respective classes.  This was done out of necessity! One day in the Fall of 1991, a spontaneous opportunity occurred at a MOJO Football Pep Rally right before playing Midland Lee!  Paul O. Briones did his first version of "MOJO TRUTH", LIVE, ( a song which was a rebuttal to the book "Friday Night Lights" at this Football Pep Rally.  He brought his keyboard equipment to the Pep Rally and then out of necessity to class.  After the morning Pep Rally, his class kept insisting that he play the song again in class!  They did not want to listen to the lecture on Cellular Respiration and the making of 38 ATPS.  After the class almost getting completely rebellious, Briones agreed to do the song in class with the option of the class copying the outline from the board on their notebooks.  He had programed in his HR-16 drum machine an R & B rhythm pattern he had been working on the night before at his house! He turned around and on the spot, put the outline of "38 ATPs And Cellular Respiration" into song! The class got so excited that it caught the attention of surrounding biology classrooms and the main building Principal and Paul's Supervisor, the late Joseph Ruteludge!  The following Wednesday, they had a major test on the material and almost all the class made above an 85!  "Professor Paul" was astounded and taken!  He shared the information with Graduate Science Education Professor John E. Hurn who was in his Graduate Committee.  Doctor Hurn was not surprised and insisted Paul contact Robert Yager Ph.D. at the University of Iowa about the research they had been doing with cognition and retention using music in classes of math and science.  This became the birth of the Briones Multiple Inputs Learning Concept or BRIONES MILC!  Learn the song "38 ATPS",  by visiting Virtual Science University and accessing Lesson 15-2 on the Energy Relationship-Plants & Animals.

Recently, Paul's has had great success using this program at Kermit High School in West Texas with both the STAAR EOC in Biology and the Science Exit TAKS Test for Re-Testers.  A few years back, a pilot program of Virtual Science University was initiated from September 2009 to 2011 at Kermit High School where 96% of the Senior Re-Testing students passed the Texas Science Exit TAKS Test using BRIONES MILC!  At present there are fifteen high schools in Texas which have used Virtual Science University with great success.  Some of the schools that have used the program with great success in Texas, are Simon Rivera High School in Brownsville, Texas, Sheldon High School in Houston, Texas,  Andrews High School in the Permian Basin, Martin High School in Laredo ISD, and McNeil High School in Round Rock, Texas. High schools in the San Juan-Pharr ISD have also had success with VSU.

On December 4, 2015, Paul was recognized by President Barack Obama via email for his innovative  teaching called BRIONES MILC. BRIONES MILC is a teaching strategy of empowering Biology and Science students outside the box and meeting student needs at their cultural roots!