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Professor Paul | Biological Science EduTainer, BRIONES MILC-LESSON IN THE LYRIC

In March of 2011, I went to the National Science Teachers Association Convention held in San Francisco. During the afternoon break, I went and visited Juana Briones Elementary School in Palo Alto, California. There I presented Principal Matthew Nagle shown here with me a DVD version of "Recycle, Reduce, Reuse" dedicated to my Tia Juana Briones. This music has now already been all over the world by co-creating Virtual Science University and both my biology lectures and original bio-edutainment music now in hundreds of schools in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, South Africa, the Caribbean, and North America. It is about moving forward and getting the right people to work as a team to do the work that makes this a better world!  I am following the example of my Tia Juana Briones de Miranda pictured at the very top left side of the page.

Terlingua Kid (TK) has now hit a new high as TK's music is now circulating around the world and being able to be downloaded thru iTunes and other music outlets. In the last two months, TK on his reverberation music page his ranking at both the national and global markets has been in the top 10 under the Reggae / Rock Blues-R & B-Funk / Hip-Hop Rap Genres. Refer to the graphic at the middle of his introductory page to learn more about the numbers. He is also now has artist merchandizing available. Refer to the baseball cap at the top. Now there are Computer-Backpacks available along with sporty jackets soon to be showcased. As soon as a Pay Pal button can be added, you will be able to buy his merchandise through this page. Stay tuned to this website to learn more.