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Professor Paul | Biological Science EduTainer, BRIONES MILC-LESSON IN THE LYRIC

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Terlingua Kid Productions started in 1996, when Paul teamed up with Producer Al Gomez Jr. to produce In The BAG Productions. BAG stands for Briones and Gomez.  This team worked with Dana Vuelvas on the songs "Love You Someday" and "Ain't NoBody", Jackie Salazar with "Mojo Truth", and the Brillante Trio consisting of Sonia Juarez, Brandi Molinar and Krytal Molinar.  Brillante was pitched to the team of Michael and Ron Morales at Studio M in San Antonio.  At that point Studio M had gone on to obtain Grammy Level status since they had done the productions for the "Selena Live Album".  From here, Paul went on to work with Vocalist, Joey Martinez of Miradas whom he had played keyboards for when he was working with Miradas from June of 1995 to May of 1997. Joey went on to front the Grammy Winner Tejano Band of "David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales" in 2000.  For Joey Martinez, Paul and Al wrote the two songs "Te Contarron" and "Esperanza".  Both songs are showcased in the My Space Page under Paul O. Briones of Terlingua Kid Productions.  In 2005, before going to North Texas, Paul recorded with Al Gomez, "Seekin The Divine" which is the song you are hearing right now at Casa Groove Recording Studios in Pecos, Texas.  This song had  been written and recorded in 1982 with Marcos Mendoza Jr., when both Paul and Al were working with Marcos in the "Exodus Band". That band also included  Marcos' brother Pilo on Bass who went on to play with members of LA Base Bands like "Tierra" and "El Chicano" and Jeff Bryant who founded the Nashville Country Grammy Winner Band, "Riccochet" on Drums.  This Band was fronted by  the Gospel driven vocals of Ben Apolinar   and Julia Galindo.  It also included Rickey Barreno on Percussion-Background Vocals, Orlando Urias on Alto Sax and Background Vocals, Al Gomez on Trombone and Background Vocals, and Cody Stokes on First Trumpet. 


Since August of 2008, Terlingua Kid Productions became a one man band phenomenon when Paul started to write and perform music for the " Dr. Carrasco Medical Show" and writing and performing songs for Professor Paul 24-7 Virtual Science Education Show under Virtual Science University.  You can catch some of the songs Paul has written professionally at the following website: