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Professor Paul | Biological Science EduTainer, BRIONES MILC-LESSON IN THE LYRIC

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Paul connects every TEK Objective with a Local or Real World Scenario allowing students to explore their world around them.  Paul uses the Multiple Intelligence Theory as mentioned before using  Kinesthic, Visual and Auditory Activities to engage students at the Analysis -Synthesis-Evaluation Levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.  In December of 2006,  Paul was invited  to be part of an advisory group meeting at Texas A & M.  The group is known as PRISEPRISE is Policy Research Initiatives in Science Education at Texas A & M funded by the National Science  Foundation.  This meeting impacted Paul so much that he made a decision to put his instruction on-line and create Virtual Science University and this web-site.  PRISE will impact Science Teaching at both the State and National levels.

Paul has presented at several middle schools and conventions since 1995.  Some of those middle schools and conventions are Crockett Middle School, 2005 in Pecos, Tx., Walker Middle School, 2005 in Monahans, Tx., Clark Middle School, 1997 in Laredo, Tx, Martin Middle School, 1999 in Corpus Christi, TX, the National Association of Biology Teacher's  Convention in Phoenix, AZ on October of 1995, 2005 CAST Convention in Houston, TX, 2007 CAST Convention in Austin, TX, 2008 CAST Convention and Exhibit, Fort Worth,Tx, 2009 Big Bend Natural History Association Meeting at Big Bend National Park and 2009 CAST Convention and Exhibit, Galveston,Tx, 2010 CAST Convention and Exhibit, and 2012 CAST Convention and Exhibit.  At CAST 2012, Professor Paul was also a Presenter of his Briones MILC Teaching strategy.  For more about Briones MILC, refer to page one of this site. 

Paul continuously monitors Science Education Research at Harvard University,   Texas A & M  and the University of Iowa and his beloved the University of Texas of the Permian Basin    In his mind, there are always echoes of his former Friday Night Lights' Administrator, the late Joseph Rutledge, to always trust his instincts. His overall objective is to put student's learning first.  His other objective is to listen to his students and the new research developments happening in Science Education on a daily basis. He saw the needs of today's modern youngsters and decided to join the Carrasco Media Group  to Co-Produce Virtual Science University.   Some of his show segments are now on You Tube. He was an exhibitor in 2008 at CAST in Fort Worth, Texas,  exhibited in 2009 at CAST 2009 in Galveston, Texas, CAST 2010 in Houston, Texas, and CAST 2012 in Corpus Christi, Texas.  His online Biology Learning Resource, Virtual Science University, is teacher-student-parent-administrator user friendly.  His approach will always be student centered. This mind-set has allowed "Professor Paul" to touch student's lives in powerful ways that to this day some of his ex-students still remain in touch with him like the ex-student in the picture above.