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Professor Paul | Biological Science EduTainer, BRIONES MILC-LESSON IN THE LYRIC

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Some of his popular songs among students are "Who Is Brother Bones?", "Reproduce, Reproduce",  "38 ATPS", "Chi-kiki,riki, Rom Bom, Bomb the Molecules Dance Across the Cell Membrane", "El Corrido to the Parts of the Cell",  "Recycle, Reduce, Reuse", "I Am,  I Am the Great Rio Grande, Yo Soy Yo Soy El Rio Bravo Del Norte", and "Are You Gonna Sit Around and Do Nothing?". His most popular composition, "Recycle, Reduce, Reuse" , the song you are now hearing, a song about the importance of Global Warming Environmental Stewardship, Bio-Fuels,  and Green Energy is a major hit among his classroom and online students!  Recently, he has written, "I AM YOU" the new hip-hop song on his Reverb Nation website that is getting hundreds of hits a day.  This song is going like wild fire on the Inter-Net  "Professor" Paul has also written " Who Is Brother Bones",  ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->"Pump It Up", and "Muevele, Muevele More".

His new song "The Old Castolon Road" about the role his grandfather's family played in the occupation of Abaja Terlingua at Big Bend National Park is also a big hit among National Park enthusiasts as well as "This Park is Sacred To Us", and "I Am, I Am the Great Rio Grande, Yo Soy, Yo Soy El Rio Bravo Del Norte."

His new song, "Juana, You Will Always Live" is a song about his 4th Generation Great Aunt, Juana Briones de Miranda who is very popular with the PAST Organization from Palo Alto, California, and the Palo Alto Historical Museum.  For a link to hear this song, visit the above link hi-lighted in blue.