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Professor Paul | Biological Science EduTainer, BRIONES MILC-LESSON IN THE LYRIC

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 I just want to say Thank You to Kermit High School for continuing to support me in my Virtual Science University Program.  While I was living across the street from Kermit High School, on South Ave D, I was inspired at every turn! Thank you for not doing away with my old school building where I attended high school and have treasured memories!  While I was covering DNA in class in 2010, I decided over the weekend to re-write my DNA version that I have on the Virtual Science University Website.  I took my keyboard home along with my Apple Computer.  I came back with the version you are now hearing on this website.  To my ALMA MATER,KERMIT HIGH SCHOOL, MY YELLOW JACKETS, I say THANK YOU AND MANY BLESSINGS TO THE ADMINISTRATION, STAFF, AND STUDENTS!  YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART!

"Professor'  Paul O. Briones


Please paste the following link to play the version of DNA posted below:

Together, They Make (DNA) & (Protein)---The Protein Synthesis Song-(Note to Teacher: This “Lesson In Lyric” can be used with Virtual Science University’s Lectures 12 & 13. Also notice that the DNA triplets sung in the second verse are the corresponding DNA triplets of the Messenger RNA triplets coding for the specific amino acids being sung.  Notice the first CGG triplet sung is alanine instead of proline which is the amino acid sung.  Please forgive me for this mistake.)


Adenine, Purine, Sugar, Phosphate

Thymine, Pyrimidine, Sugar, Phosphate

Guanine, Purine, Sugar, Phosphate

Cytosine, Pyrimidine, Sugar, Phosphate


Together they make DNA, Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Together they make DNA, the Blue Print Map the Code of Life---Chorus


With the TAC Begin

TAG, Isoleucine

CGG, Proline (Alanine)

AGT, Serine

ACA, Cysteine

CCT, Glycine

GTT, Glutamine

CTT, Glutamatic Acid

CTA, Aspartic Acid

CGG, Alanine

TTA, Asparagine

CGG, Alanine

ATA, Tyrosine

TGG, Threonine

ACC, Tryptophan

ACT, Stop the Plan


Together, they make Protein, the building blocks of Animal Tissue

Together, they make Protein, the Blue Print Map the Code of Life---2nd Chorus


 Repeat Verse I

It’s the A with T And the C with the G          Verse I

Nitrogen Bases Not Alpha Bet Soup

The Make Up of all Genetic Traces!

Repeat Chorus---keyboard solo

It’s the A with T And the C with the G          Verse I

Nitrogen Bases Not Alpha Bet Soup

Help us keep up with the Genetic Traces     Verse II

Aligning of all Nitrogen Bases

The Blue eyes and Black hair of every body else

And its intimate stare


It is adenine and ribose, sugar and phosphate    Verse III

Attached to a thymine the corresponding base

The nucleotides make form

Likewise with guanine and cytosine

They Make up thousands of stair steps

Called rungs of the Double Helix Thing


Added TAG

Bust It Break It, With DNA-4X

You got to BUST IT!


Verse I of rap is rapped after Verse I of the song is repeated a Second Time

All of the Rap is Sung after the chorus is sung a Second Time

Added TAG is sung after the Second Chorus is sung a Second Time

Copyright 2009 & 2012 Carrasco Media Group In Association with FlyingMidiEagle1 Productions---Music and Lyrics written by Paul O. Briones---All Rights Reserved