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Professor Paul | Biological Science EduTainer, BRIONES MILC-LESSON IN THE LYRIC

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Terlingua Kid's Statistics on ReverbNation Month of June 5th-July 8th


Terlingua Kid's Statistics on ReverbNation Week of May 29th-June 5th

Welcome to My Website!!! 

A Website of Empowerment!

Paul Gto Briones is a seasoned science teacher/coach/performer/songwriter/musician. His venues include special gala's, high school assemblies, college fun days, & festivals." Paul Gto Briones now known all over the world as Terlingua Kid, his music artist name since 1993. Now that name is now known for his bio-edutainment music which is circulating all over the world! Notice on the above graph the number of visitors and number of song plays Terlingua Kid is having on a weekly basis. To learn more and to engage with his music online visit the following link:

For those of you interested in leaving your information from my TerlinguaKidBriones site about a possible Terlingua Kid Mini Concert hit above "My Links" which is a purple tab on the upper left hand corner. From there hit the first link which states "Leave Your Contact Information." As soon as you fill in those fields and hit submit, I will receive the message. Within 48 hours, my team will respond.

Update: July 9, 2020: Yep! TK now ranked #3 National and #4 Global! The highest ranking ever! Thanks for your support!

Update: July 26, 2020: Due to the seriousness occurring in Texas and across the nation and the world with the spread of COVID 19, Paul Gto Briones is encouraging everyone to wear PPE when you leave your home and go to public places. Please always wear a mask. If you are a teacher or first responder, please always wear a plastic face protective shield and a mask. It is always best to be safe than sorry. 

Can Science be Fun, Interactive, Educational, and Entertaining?"  The answer to that question is YES, but much has to be done to even the playing field for everyone in Science Education across the United States and the world!

The way Carlos Santana and Bob Marley brought conscienouness to the masses thru their music, Paul Gto Briones is doing the same with his simple way of teaching called BRIONES MILC.  Paul uses Reggae, R & B, Hip-Hop, Latino, and Blues-Rock Original Music to engage his students thru a strategy called "Lesson In The Lyric!" Since day one of his science teaching career at MOJO Odessa Permian High School, the Friday Night Lights School, August of 1982, Paul Gto Briones has been a student-centered teacher whose teaching strategies are affirmed by the current science education research.  

Educational Gurus like the Director of Project Zero in Boston says "June 25, 2012: "Dear Paul, I have seen various efforts to monitor intelligences and I think that yours is among the best." Howard Gardner Ph. D. Professor of Psychology: Director of Project Zero, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education. Paul Gto Briones reaches his students at their cultural roots thru the music he uses in the classroom.  Once that cultural connection is made, the lesson flows like water.

Why is  Paul Gto Briones so passionate about leveling the playing field in Science? As the son of a Farm Worker who worked for Agricultural Icons in Reeves and Presidio Counties of West Texas, Paul always saw the lack of EQUITY that underprivileged youth have including himself as a youngster in Elementary and Junior High School! In 1973, when Paul attended San Jose State University for a short Athletic Training Session and was energized by Luis Valdez's "Teatro Campesino," the Speeches of Cesar Chavez, and the San Francisco Sound of Santana, MALO, SAPO, and Azteca, Paul returned to West Texas a changed young man! At his first teaching position in 1978, he confronted his first administrator who was a bigot and yelled at students and teachers for speaking Spanish!  Also as a reporter for the local newspaper, he took a picture of the administrator pointing at a Hispanic Board Member yelling at the school board member that "Spanish, would never be spoken at that high school!" Since that experience, Paul knew the playing field was not leveled for minorities and other subgroups! He confronted the administrator firmly against prejudices leveled at students because of their preferences and skin color. It irritated the administrator so much, he attempted to have Paul have his teaching certificate taken away because of the number of write ups he had deliberately made against him. In retrospect, it backfired on the administrator as he was the one who was fired a year later after school board members learned what this administrator had attempted to do with Paul and others. Since then, he learned to stand firm and always stand on what is right always get into good trouble for the purpose of bending the curve of inequality!

Paul Gto Briones' goal is to get local school districts to "culturize" their science curriculum and curriculum as a whole! This will only take place through intelligent information, innovation, and a willingness to change! All involved must create curriculum and cultural engagement activities that will engage the learner at his or her level!


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