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Professor Paul | Biological Science EduTainer, BRIONES MILC-LESSON IN THE LYRIC

Week Three of 5th Six Weeks

Lesson Plans—Week of March 28-April 1, 2016

Instructor---Paul O. Briones

All Lesson Plans follow this format: 

1.) What I am doing or the TEK Objective is listed below under each day of the week.

2.) I will do a combination of strategies from Four Corners-Circle Interaction of students to tactile Kinesthetic-PBL Based Strategy in the lab. In the Four Corner Study Groups, my students will use Purposeful Talk (Unit Vocabulary) to interact with their lab-study partner in a meaningful way with the lesson at hand.  Where I function more like a facilitator and much of the learning is happening from the BRIONES MILC Strategy where they use multiple inputs and the group leader re-teaches the concept to his or her partner.  I also use the auditory strategy called the "Lesson In The Lyric" (link to the "Lesson In The Lyric" for the first Unit on the Scientific Method:, a strategy produced by yours truly using the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Dr. Howard Gardner from Harvard.  To learn more about what Dr. Gardner has to say about my MIT Approach to my Science Lessons, visit the following link:   To learn more about the PBL Based Strategy visit my business science education website at  the above business link highlighted in blue:

3.) I give a written Pre-Post Test for every single Unit in Biology and Anatomy & Physiology.  In IPC, I give an Oral Pre-Test and many times also a written Pre-Test.  In Biology, we have a Six Weeks CBA Test to determine where students are.  I am terribly disappointed with the CBA Test results for several reasons.  I did not like the questions on the test and that is partly my fault because I should have met with the Test Maker and should have insisted to change some of the questions.  I got caught in a time crunch with so many things happening and I did not have a chance to meet with the CBA Test Maker!  The results show what TEKS I need to target.  Where I need the most improvement is with my ELL students! I am now using some of the strategies I learned from my Sheltered Instruction Workshop that went for four days last semester.  I am slowing down when I use Unit Vocabulary words and I try to talk very slow to allow my ELL students to grasp the meaning of the terms.  I am also using picture graphics whenever I can to get my subgroup student populations to grasp the concept.  I will use more  higher level questioning using Bloom's Taxonomy questions with all students.  I will have to go slow with this technique with my IPC students.  In my last fifteen years of my teaching career, I have attended several Bloom's Taxonomy Workshops in regards to my Pre-AP teacher development training.  I also attended a C-Scope TEA Sponsored Workshop this past summer in San Antonio.  There I learned high level questioning techniques that I can use with my students.

4.) In Biology and A & P, if a student does not make a 70 on the Post Test, they will listen to the Lecture again online or come to tutoring early in the morning during zero period or Jacket Time.  If a student fails to meets its responsibility of doing the Lecture online and redoing the Post Test and making a 70 or above on the Post Test or Major Test, and refusing to come in for tutoring during zero period, the issue will be reported to you, the parent, and to Mr. Ford and the front office.

A & P

TEKS 10A and 10B

Monday---Cat Dissection of the Kidneys

Tuesday--Cat Dissection of the Kidneys-Continue

Wednesday---Cat Dissection Completion

Thursday---Review Urniary System Notes

Friday----Review Continue

Pre-AP Biology

TEKS 1A, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D,, 2E 6D,

Monday---Botanical Garden Upkeep and Soil pH

Tuesday---Classification Activity-Lab--Obtain Scientific Names of at least Botanical Garden plants

Wednesday---Classification Activity-Lab Continue

Thursday---STAAR Questions Review Activity---Handout

Friday---STAAR Questions Review Activity---Handout


TEKS 1A, 2D, 2E, 6C, 6D, 7B, 7E

Monday---Soil Lab-Impact of Cow Manure on Soil pH

Tuesday—Soil Lab Continue

Wednesday---Water Solubility---How Solutions Form

Thursday---Vocabulary Terms-page 671

Friday---Finish up-Vocabulary Terms-page 671 & begin Review Questions 1-42-pages 651-672