Just remember Kermit could easily be another McFarland USA. It is about getting the right people to do the right things and getting the right coaches and the right administration to inspire, lead, and motivate young people to give it their very best! We begin by starting at the top by electing innovative-visionary people into the local school board. I have been there already! I was in the middle of the development and writing of the book "Friday Night Lights" at MOJO where some of those athletes were in my classes. I also know some of the musicians and actors behind McFarland USA Movie. You want Kermit to go to the top? Then elect someone who has already been all over the world by co-creating Virtual Science University and both his biology lectures and original bio-edutainment music now in hundreds of schools in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, South Africa, the Caribbean, and North America. It is about moving forward and getting the right people to work as a team to do the work that makes a school district exemplary!