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Welcome to My Website!!! 

A Website of Empowerment!

ProfessorPaul 247 is a seasoned performer/songwriter/musician. His venues include special gala's, high school assemblies, college fun days, & festivals."

Can Science be Fun, Interactive, Educational, and Entertaining?"  The answer to that question is YES, but much has to be done to even the playing field for everyone in Science Education across the United States and the world!

The way Carlos Santana and Bob Marley brought conscienouness to the masses thru their music, "Professor" Paul is doing the same with his simple way of teaching called BRIONES MILC. "Professor" Paul uses Reggae, R & B, Hip-Hop, Latino, and Blues-Rock Original Music to engage his students thru a strategy called "Lesson In The Lyric!" Since day one of his science teaching career, Paul GTO Briones has been a student-centered teacher whose teaching strategies are affirmed by the current science education research. "Professor" Paul GTO Briones reaches his students at their cultural roots thru the music he uses in the classroom.  Once that cultural connection is made, the lesson flows like water.

Why is "Professor" Paul GTO Briones so passionate about leveling the playing field in Science? As the son of a Farm Worker who worked for Agricultural Icons in Reeves and Presidio Counties of West Texas, Paul always saw the lack of EQUITY that underprivileged youth have! In 1973, when Paul attended San Jose State University for a short Summer Session and was energized by Luis Valdez's "Teatro Campesino," the Speeches of Cesar Chavez, and the San Francisco Sound of Santana, MALO, SAPO, and Azteca, Paul returned to West Texas a changed young man! At his first teaching position in 1978, he confronted his first administrator who was a bigot and yelled at students and teachers for speaking Spanish!  Also as a reporter for the local newspaper, he took a picture of the administrator pointing at a Hispanic Board Member yelling at the school board member that "Spanish, would never be spoken at that high school!" Since that experience, Paul knew the playing field was not leveled for minorities and other subgroups! 

Paul GTO Briones' goal is to get state curriculum coordinators and state board of education coordinators across the United States and the world to "culturize" their science curriculum! This will only take place through intelligent information, innovation, and a willingness to change! All involved must create curriculum and cultural engagement activities that will engage the learner at his or her level! At this website, you will learn about Briones MILC and how this strategy came about as a result of Paul's  clash in the science classroom not with students but with insensitive science curriculum publishers, coordinators, science department chairs, and school principals, and school district superintendents!

IMPORTANT NOTE AND DEVELOPMENT:                                                                                               

We say, "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!” 

Here we are NOT pledging to any party what so ever and only to the United States of America that is indivisible, which means America first than party last, liberty for all, not just the 1% elitist at the top, and justice for all, not justice for a select few. The law does not apply only to the ordinary common man! That means JUSTICE for any Supreme Court Nominee with an irresponsible past, any Senator, any Congressman or Congresswoman, and the President of the United States of America! All have to follow the law not just a select few!!!!!!  This country better start putting America first which includes NATIVE AMERICANS, if not, then Hell is going to break lose in a way this country has never seen! I know the LORD’s patience is wearing thin with us because of prophecies from all over the world saying we Americans are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites, we pledge something every morning and then do the complete opposite! In the eyes of GOD and the rest of the world we are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites! How can we say GOD BLESS AMERICA WHEN OUR BEHAVIOR IS DOING THE OPPOSITE AND TEARING THIS NATION EVERY DAY! For example, doing away with NAFTA and the TPP is not in the INTEREST OF ALL AMERICANS! IT IS ONLY IN THE INTEREST OF A SELECT FEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America we must wake up and be equal to all! That is not socialism or communism, it is democracy where opposite parties can compromise and negotiate and come to an agreement that is beneficial to all Americans!"


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